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Metropolis Songs is a music publishing company born out of a need for ease, clarity and transparency for those we work with. A truly independent company with an international network of publishing partners; we listen, administrate, manage, and sync. We work with a wide range of artists and writers from the UK and beyond.

A music publisher by name and definition, we guard the rights of our writers, enforcing copyright law worldwide, as well as sourcing opportunities through (but not limited to) co-writes, production, licensing and synchronisation. We pride ourselves in our vast experience in catalogue management, and will always strive to do the best by our clients. Take a look at the writers we are currently working with.

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Abnormal Sleepz

Abnormal Sleepz is a producer and artist coming out of Manchester, crafting a fresh and unique take on Rap music. Latest album Kaleidoscope is out now via The North Quarter.

Multi-instrumentalist Bastien Keb writes and performs a unique fusion of jazz, soul, funk, and experimental hip hop. Two albums deep, latest EP ‘Midnight Nasties’ is out now.

NK-OK & Mr. DM are Jazztronica duo Blue Lab Beats, crafting a modernist blend of jazz, hip hop, soul, funk & electronica. Latest album ‘Voyage’ is out now.

Chemo crafts beats for the UK Hip-Hop scene and beyond and is three albums deep with artist project Telemachus. New LP ‘Boring & Weird Historical Music’ is out now.

Chris Hargreaves writes and performs bass with an electric live presence and is the driving force behind London 3-piece PENGSHUi. Credits also include Alex Clare and Submotion Orchestra.

Alternative dance, electronic and trip-pop singer / songwriter based in London. Claudia has three EPs under her belt and more to come.

D Double E is a legendary Grime MC held in the highest regard by both the scene, and his peers. His debut album ‘Jackuum’ is out now via Bluku Music.

Dirty Dike

Rapper and producer Dirty Dike has racked up production credits for Rag’n’Bone Man, Lee Scott, Jam Baxter, Ocean Wisdom & more. His fifth solo album ‘Acrylic Snail’ is out now.

DRS is a legendary writer and vocalist whose music bounces between Hip Hop, Rap, Soul, Drum and Bass and more. Latest LP ’The Blue Hour’ is out now.

Dr Syntax 

Seasoned MC Dr. Syntax adds humour and reality to his brand of Hip Hop, working with Foreign Beggars, The Mouse Outfit, Dirty Dike, Pitch 92 & more! Latest LP ‘Wallop’ with Pete Cannon is out now.


Legendary writer Footsie has been flying the Grime flag from early as a solo artist, producer and one half of the Newham Generals with D Double E. New album ‘No Favours’ is out now.

Jam Baxter

Jam Baxter is a prolific rapper six solo albums deep. Both outlandish and original in his rhymes, Baxter is a unique artist in his own lane. Latest album ‘Touching Scenes’ is out now, new music on the way.

Jake Milliner
South London producer Jake Milliner is a talent on the rise, having produced for the likes of Yazmin Lacey, Barney Artist, Zilo, Lord Apex, Misha B, Kofi Stone & more. His debut album ‘Bernie Says’ is out now, new music on the way.

Joe Hertz
Critically acclaimed artist and producer Joe Hertz fuses Electronica and Dance with R&B and Hip-Hop – adding a London stamp. Debut album ‘Current Blues’ is to be released July 2020.

Kofi Stone
A young talent on the rise, Kofi Stone makes Hip-Hop infused with emotion and originality – with a focus on storytelling. Debut project ‘Nobody Cares ‘Till Everybody Does’ is out now.

Lester Duval
Producer & artist Lester Duval creates Jazz influenced Hip-Hop, R&B & Soul with 2nd Exit & The Odd 910, producing for Jordan Rakei, Pip Millett & Barney Artist along the way.

Manga Saint Hilare is a prolific writer, creating his own brand of Grime music with a fresh and extra thoughtful perspective. New album ‘Make It Out Alive’ is out now.


Muckaniks is a beatmaker on the rise, producing for the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Ocean Wisdom, Rye Shabby and Lunar C. Currently working with several exciting lyricists.

Murkage Dave is a versatile singer songwriter, crafting a unique blend of urban pop meets gangster folk. His timeless debut album ‘Murkage Dave Changed My Life’ is out now.

P Money
Top tier MC P Money is a young legend in the Grime scene, with a prolific catalogue spanning over 10 years. Latest release ‘Money Everyone 3’ is out now, ‘Untraditional’ EP coming soon.

Pavan Mukhi launches his Indian inspired project as PAV4N. We look after his prolific catalogue including new works as PAV4N and Vulgatron, plus his writing with Foreign Beggars.

PENGSHUi craft an infectious blend of Punk & Grime, setting the pace with singles ‘Control’ & ‘Wiseman’, as well as remix work for The Prodigy. Self-titled debut album is out now via MVKA.

Pete Cannon 
Writer and king of sync Pete Cannon produces Hip-Hop, Jungle & more for other artists plus his own projects – composing music for huge brands and global campaigns along the way.


Pip Millett writes and performs an exceptional blend of Neo Soul and R&B. Debut EP ‘Do Well’ set the pace, earning Pip a global fanbase. Her follow up EP ‘Lost In June’ is out now.


Pitch 92

Pitch 92 creates Hip-Hop & R&B, producing for Iamddb, KSR, Ocean Wisdom and more. His critically acclaimed debut album ‘3rd Culture’ is out now via High Focus Records.

Vivid, real to life songwriting at its best, Sarah Walk is a One Little Indian signee all about big songs and even bigger melodies. Debut LP ‘Little Black Book’ is available now.

Sarathy Korwar is a drummer, percussionist & composer, merging Jazz and Indo Jazz with elements of Hip-Hop and other fusions. Albums ‘Day to Day’ and ‘More Arriving’ are out now.


Silencer is one of the most prolific and respected producers in Grime having worked with the likes of P Money, Skepta, Ghetts, Lethal B, Novelist & more. Latest project ‘Military’ is out now, new music on the way.

Model Renee Thompson switches the runway for the studio under alias SeeMeNot, writing and recording defiant House music in dramatic fashion. Debut mixtape ‘Long Overdue’ is out now, new music on the way.

Prolific producers The Mouse Outfit craft a mix of live Hip-Hop with evident Jazz and Soul influences. Latest LP ‘Jagged Tooth Crook’ is out now.

The Skints

Mixing ska, dub, punk, rock, dancehall, soul & hip hop, The Skints are the torchbearers for modern British reggae music. Latest album ‘Swimming Lessons’ is out now.

Verb T

Rapper Verb T is a well-respected solo artist as well as 1/4 of Hip-Hop super group ‘The Four Owls’. Latest project ‘A Question of Time’ with Pitch 92 is out now, via High Focus Records.

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