Music Publishing for a new breed of writers and artists

Music Publishing for a new breed of writers and artists

Bristol-based Gardna is a genre defying artist working beyond the realms of drum and bass, reggae and hip-hop. Gardna’s debut album ‘Good Time Not A Long Time’ is out now. 
Hard-hitting bass music duo The Upbeats continue to demonstrate their unique sound in their outstanding live performances worldwide. Latest single ‘Horizon’, lifted from their upcoming LP is out now.

The Upbeats 

Illaman is a seasoned genre switching MC and frontman for Punk/Rap group PENGSHUi. Illaman’s latest EP ‘Ugly Days’ is out now.
London based singer/songwriter and musician ELIZA creates sultry R&B and soul anthems. Latest album ‘A Real Romantic’ is available now.
Enigmatic producer / rapper duo Youngdumblovers release a new single every week, straddling genres including Hip Hop, Electronica and R&B.


Rapper, MC and Poet Shay D hold’s a space of her own within the UK Rap scene, tackling topics from race to mental health. Upcoming LP ‘Speaking in Tongues’ is out soon.
Producer and writer Lamplighter provides experimental synth soundscapes for the likes of Ed Scissor, as well as abstract pieces for his solo works. His ‘Ashlar Ghosts’ LP is out now.
Ed Scissor writes abstract raps that extend beyond the realms of reality. Ed returns in 2021 with upcoming album JOYSVILLE, produced by long-time collaborator Lamplighter.
Future soul duo Children of Zeus have two critically acclaimed albums under their belt and numerous other projects. Studio albums ‘Travel Light’ and ‘Balance’ are out now.

Children of Zeus

Versatile rapper Izzie Gibbs creates Rap, Grime, Hip Hop and more, capturing a wide fanbase with his ability to switch genres with ease. Latest EP ‘Join the Club’ is out now.
Dub collective Gentleman’s Dub Club are a staple in the UK festival scene. Latest album ‘Down To Earth’ is full of good vibes, capturing the razor tight sound of their live sets.

Gentleman’s Dub Club

[ K S R ] is a young talent on the rise, making his name pushing the boundaries of R&B & Soul music with standout vocals. Latest EP ‘Take Control’ is out now.