[ K S R ] is a young talent on the rise, making his name pushing the boundaries of R&B & Soul music with standout vocals. Latest EP ‘Take Control’ is out now.
Abnormal Sleepz is a producer and artist coming out of Manchester, crafting a fresh and unique take on Rap music. Latest album ‘Kaleidoscope’ is out now.

Abnormal Sleepz

Hip-Hop / Trap / Rap producer Bangzy is known for production work with Foreign Beggars as well as being ½ of alt R&B duo ‘KILLSWSH’ who’s debut EP ‘Girl’ is out now.
Multi-instrumentalist Bastien Keb writes and performs a unique fusion of jazz, soul, funk, and hip hop. Three albums in, his latest project ‘The Killing of Eugene Peeps’ is out now.
NK-OK & Mr. DM are Jazztronica duo Blue Lab Beats, crafting a modernist blend of jazz, hip hop, soul, funk & electronica. Latest album ‘Voyage’ is out now.

Blue Lab Beats

Future soul duo Children of Zeus have two critically acclaimed albums under their belt and numerous other projects. Studio albums ‘Travel Light’ and ‘Balance’ are out now.

Children of Zeus

Chris Hargreaves writes and performs bass with an electric live presence, and is the driving force behind London 3-piece PENGSHUi. Credits include Alex Clare and Submotion Orchestra.

Chris Hargreaves

Alternative dance, electronic and trip-pop singer / songwriter with three EPs under her belt. Latest project ‘EP 3’ is out now.

Claudia Kane

D Double E is a legendary UK MC held in the highest regard by the Grime scene and beyond. His second album ‘Double or Nothing’ is out now via Bluku Music.